“Beauty in Culture” Editorial – USA

Credits: Model – Jasmin (Facebook) | Makeup Artist – Monique (Website) | Hair Stylist – Brittany (Facebook)

Although I’m proud of my Filipino heritage, I was born and raised in the United States, so I’m also proud to be an American as well! I didn’t want to leave out the good ol’ red, white, and blue in my editorial.

For the second day of shooting, I selected Jasmin to represent USA because, for some reason, I always envision an All-American girl to be a blond. Jasmin’s fair skin complemented well with the red and blue makeup that Monique used to achieve a “avant-garde patriotic” feel to the shoot.

I wanted to pay homage to Martha Washington, America’s very first “First Lady”, so I asked Brittany to style her hair that resembled a powdered wig. Brittany did an amazing job turning Jasmin’s fine hair into a powdered wig. She achieved this look by crimping her hair, adding tons of hair spray, and creating rolls. It stayed throughout the course of the photo shoot!


Although I tried different variations using blue and red colored gels to the light the background, I felt a black background really made everything stand out. It was also consistent with the best shot from the Africa shoot. I love this profile shot of Jasmin because it resembled a quarter.


Sometimes things that are unintentional can still create wonderful shots. My beauty dish did not fire and therefore, did not light Jasmin’s face. However, the gelled back lights created a purple hue on Jasmin face, which resulted in this cool shot.