“Beauty in Culture” Editorial – Africa

Credits: Model – Salwa | Makeup Artist – Jolene (Website) | Hair Stylist – Dee (Facebook)

The theme for my submission to Jute Magazine’s beauty issue was “Beauty in Culture” in which the makeup and hair reflected the model’s heritage. I wanted the colors of the makeup to match the colors of the flag, but I did not want the theme to be cliché or look similar to a National Geographic photo.

I selected Salwa to be one of the models for the editorial because she truly is of African heritage. Her family’s origins come from Sierra Leone. I asked Jolene to use green, turquoise blue, and white in the makeup because those colors are represented in the flag. The biggest cliché for an African theme is using a head wrap, so I asked Dee to come up with something different and unique. Her solution was to use braided extensions, making the hair appear like coils.

The African shoot was the first shoot for the editorial. Because Jolene and Dee have many years of experience in their fields, not to mention that Dee is a salon owner, it set the bar for the rest of the of the shoots. I was very blessed to work with some talented people!

My dining room doubled as a hair and makeup station and a studio.

Here are a couple of the final images. I tried different lighting setups, especially lighting the backdrop with a either a light blue or green gel.