Avant-Garde Balloon Editorial

Credits: Models – Melynda and Keith (Facebook)
Melynda’s Makeup Artist – Sheena (Model Mayhem)
Keith’s Makeup Artist – Tatiana
Hair Stylist – Brittany (Facebook)
Balloon Dress Designer – Marie (Website)
Balloon Collar Designer – Chris (Website) and Marie

Final Images: Melynda | Keith

I originally set up a rocker/futuristic avant-garde shoot for my submission to Jute Magazine, but when I saw that Marie was looking for photographers to take pictures of her balloon dresses, I quickly changed the direction of my shoot. Because Marie’s creations takes a few hours to create and only lasts one day, doing a TFP shoot with her one of her balloon dresses is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marie’s dress was inspired by a Maya Hansen corset, but it was made into a mini-dress instead.

     Balloon BTS

I gave the makeup artists and hair stylist freedom to do whatever they wanted, since it was an avant-garde shoot.

Balloon BTS     Balloon BTS

Balloon BTS

Lighting test with Keith and Tatiana. I guess they were trying to rock out with the devil horns.

Balloon BTS

Balloon BTS

I believe it’s a must to do a blooper shoot whenever I can during these editorial shoots!

Balloon BTS

A couple days later after the shoot, I put the balloon collar around my pugs. Because Percy is blind, he didn’t know what was going on when I put the balloons around his neck. As for Penny, she tried to wiggle out of them.



Unfortunately, my editorial did not get picked up by Jute, most likely because there was another editorial with balloons. Oh well, it was a fun shoot!