Published in Fisique Fashion Magazine’s “Teased” Big Hair Issue

With the help of an awesome team, I submitted this editorial to Fisique Fashion Magazine’s “Teased” Big Hair Issue and it was accepted! The concept was 1960’s Mod and Hippie Flower Child.

Model: Brooke (Facebook)
Makeup Artist: Michelle (Facebook)
Hair Stylist: Jenny (Facebook)

Fisique "Teased" Big Hair Issue

We had such a fun time, just grooving to the music and making magic happen. During the shoot, we pulled some inspiration photos of models of the 1960’s Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy to help Brooke with her posing.

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I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of Jenny King, who passed away on August 2, 2015. Her creativity and warmth will be greatly missed!

Avant-Garde Balloon Editorial

Credits: Models – Melynda and Keith (Facebook)
Melynda’s Makeup Artist – Sheena (Model Mayhem)
Keith’s Makeup Artist – Tatiana
Hair Stylist – Brittany (Facebook)
Balloon Dress Designer – Marie (Website)
Balloon Collar Designer – Chris (Website) and Marie

Final Images: Melynda | Keith

I originally set up a rocker/futuristic avant-garde shoot for my submission to Jute Magazine, but when I saw that Marie was looking for photographers to take pictures of her balloon dresses, I quickly changed the direction of my shoot. Because Marie’s creations takes a few hours to create and only lasts one day, doing a TFP shoot with her one of her balloon dresses is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marie’s dress was inspired by a Maya Hansen corset, but it was made into a mini-dress instead.

     Balloon BTS

I gave the makeup artists and hair stylist freedom to do whatever they wanted, since it was an avant-garde shoot.

Balloon BTS     Balloon BTS

Balloon BTS

Lighting test with Keith and Tatiana. I guess they were trying to rock out with the devil horns.

Balloon BTS

Balloon BTS

I believe it’s a must to do a blooper shoot whenever I can during these editorial shoots!

Balloon BTS

A couple days later after the shoot, I put the balloon collar around my pugs. Because Percy is blind, he didn’t know what was going on when I put the balloons around his neck. As for Penny, she tried to wiggle out of them.



Unfortunately, my editorial did not get picked up by Jute, most likely because there was another editorial with balloons. Oh well, it was a fun shoot!


Published in Pump Magazine’s Men’s Issue

I am very pleased to have my photography published for the very first time ever in Pump Magazine‘s Men’s Issue.

The title of the editorial is “Can’t Take My Hands Off You”. Many GQ magazines have inspired me to do my own similar shoot, especially the ones with Hollywood action stars like Jason Statham or Michael Fassbender. I selected men who are not only handsome, but have some ruggedness as well. These men proved that you could look dapper in business attire or suit with a 5 o’clock shadow.

Couple 1: Giuseppe and Dulce | Makeup Artist: Michelle (Facebook)
Couple 2: Justin and Alissa (Facebook) | Makeup Artist: Annvi (Website)
Couple 3: Keith (Facebook) and Cherokee (Facebook) | Makeup Artist: Rachel (Website)

Pump Magazine

Pump Magazine

Pump Magazine

The most fun part of shooting editorials is including blooper shots, which are always hilarious!

Giuseppe and Dulce

Justin and Alissa

I think Keith was trying to be a vampire in this one!

Keith and Cherokee

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AFuller Style Model Shootout

I met Annvi through her Facebook post on a local photography and modeling group, asking for photographers and models to attend and collaborate. We all met at the Elara, which was an awesome place to shoot! There were many areas to choose from.

I am always willing to help up-and-coming makeup artists and hair stylists. Over the past couple of years while building my photography career, I’ve learned they are vital to have on hand for every photo shoot. Makeup done by makeup artists versus the models themselves is like night and day and clearly shows in the pictures. They are trained to make sure makeup looks correct on camera.

Annvi held this event to build her makeup artistry business. She is one talented lady! It was also nice to meet a new friend. We’ve kept in touch and collaborated on other projects together.

Jewelry provided by Cheryl DeJesus, an Independent Stylist for Stella and Dot.

“Beauty in Culture” Editorial – China

Credits: Model – Catherine (Facebook) | Makeup Artist – Danielle (Website) | Hair Stylist – Tiffany (Facebook)

For the fourth day of shooting, Catherine was a perfect match not only because of her heritage, but because of her title of Miss Asian Las Vegas 2014. Danielle did an incredible job on the makeup, adding some gold to just make things stand out against the white powder.

China BTS

China BTS

China BTS

China BTS

I loved the fan that Tiffany selected for Catherine’s hair. It worked very well with the shot, especially when I used a yellow gel as a back light. In these couple shots, it looks like she was wearing a yellow fan.



Ultimately, to keep things consistent with the rest of the shots which used a black background, I selected this shot because Catherine looked powerful and regal.


I’ve had an amazing time working with such talented people during all my shoots. I was also relieved to get all the shooting finished before my Rio de Janeiro trip, which left me more time to edit the photos after my trip. Unfortunately, Jute Magazine did not pick up the editorial. If I don’t first succeed, I must try and try again!

“Beauty in Culture” Editorial – Mexico

Credits: Model – Ana | Makeup Artist – Michelle | Hair Stylist – Brittany (Facebook)

For the third day of shooting, I selected Ana to represent Mexico. We did this shoot around Mexican Independence Day, so we incorporated the Mexican flag in some of the shots.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I tried to make sure the concepts were not cliché. When I was doing Google and Pinterest searches for inspiration, most of the results had Day of the Dead makeup, which did not fit with Jute’s beauty issue. Instead, I used Frida Kahlo as inspiration, in which Ana truly embraced the concept.

Mexico BTS

Mexico BTS

I chose the shot below because I already had established a pattern from the first two shoots in which the flag’s colors are prominent from both sides. Also, Ana’s neck and shoulders are very gorgeous in this shot.


Again, when my beauty dish does not fire, it’s not usually a bad thing.


Since Mexican Independence Day was just within a few days after the shoot, Ana wanted to incorporate the Mexican flag.


“Beauty in Culture” Editorial – USA

Credits: Model – Jasmin (Facebook) | Makeup Artist – Monique (Website) | Hair Stylist – Brittany (Facebook)

Although I’m proud of my Filipino heritage, I was born and raised in the United States, so I’m also proud to be an American as well! I didn’t want to leave out the good ol’ red, white, and blue in my editorial.

For the second day of shooting, I selected Jasmin to represent USA because, for some reason, I always envision an All-American girl to be a blond. Jasmin’s fair skin complemented well with the red and blue makeup that Monique used to achieve a “avant-garde patriotic” feel to the shoot.

I wanted to pay homage to Martha Washington, America’s very first “First Lady”, so I asked Brittany to style her hair that resembled a powdered wig. Brittany did an amazing job turning Jasmin’s fine hair into a powdered wig. She achieved this look by crimping her hair, adding tons of hair spray, and creating rolls. It stayed throughout the course of the photo shoot!


Although I tried different variations using blue and red colored gels to the light the background, I felt a black background really made everything stand out. It was also consistent with the best shot from the Africa shoot. I love this profile shot of Jasmin because it resembled a quarter.


Sometimes things that are unintentional can still create wonderful shots. My beauty dish did not fire and therefore, did not light Jasmin’s face. However, the gelled back lights created a purple hue on Jasmin face, which resulted in this cool shot.


“Beauty in Culture” Editorial – Africa

Credits: Model – Salwa | Makeup Artist – Jolene (Website) | Hair Stylist – Dee (Facebook)

The theme for my submission to Jute Magazine’s beauty issue was “Beauty in Culture” in which the makeup and hair reflected the model’s heritage. I wanted the colors of the makeup to match the colors of the flag, but I did not want the theme to be cliché or look similar to a National Geographic photo.

I selected Salwa to be one of the models for the editorial because she truly is of African heritage. Her family’s origins come from Sierra Leone. I asked Jolene to use green, turquoise blue, and white in the makeup because those colors are represented in the flag. The biggest cliché for an African theme is using a head wrap, so I asked Dee to come up with something different and unique. Her solution was to use braided extensions, making the hair appear like coils.

The African shoot was the first shoot for the editorial. Because Jolene and Dee have many years of experience in their fields, not to mention that Dee is a salon owner, it set the bar for the rest of the of the shoots. I was very blessed to work with some talented people!

My dining room doubled as a hair and makeup station and a studio.

Here are a couple of the final images. I tried different lighting setups, especially lighting the backdrop with a either a light blue or green gel.