AFuller Style Model Shootout

I met Annvi through her Facebook post on a local photography and modeling group, asking for photographers and models to attend and collaborate. We all met at the Elara, which was an awesome place to shoot! There were many areas to choose from.

I am always willing to help up-and-coming makeup artists and hair stylists. Over the past couple of years while building my photography career, I’ve learned they are vital to have on hand for every photo shoot. Makeup done by makeup artists versus the models themselves is like night and day and clearly shows in the pictures. They are trained to make sure makeup looks correct on camera.

Annvi held this event to build her makeup artistry business. She is one talented lady! It was also nice to meet a new friend. We’ve kept in touch and collaborated on other projects together.

Jewelry provided by Cheryl DeJesus, an Independent Stylist for Stella and Dot.